Today's trend is plants that purify the air in the house such as interior plant pots, living room pots, planterior.

Have you ever heard of the new word “planterior” that is in vogue these days? 'Planterior' is a compound word 'Plant' meaning plant and 'Interior' meaning interior. This word means plants make the space more wonderful

Interior plants not only purify the air, but also serve as decorative accents. Interior plant pots are often used in commercial spaces such as coffee shops, but more and more people are looking for it to decorate their living rooms or their homes. So, today Botanica would like to introduce to you an indoor air-purifying plant that will help clean the air and make a space more wonderful. Now let's find out the most suitable plant that can make our own space more special, shall we?


Rubber tree   - used as a wedding gift, housewarming gift



The rubber tree, with its large green leaves, is said to symbolize eternal happiness and undying love. Because it has such special meaning, it is a perfect plant to give as a wedding gift or housewarming gift for newlyweds. The leaves have a picturesque green color that makes the space bright and vibrant so it is great for interior decoration. The air purification effect is also very good, so it is very popular with everyone. The banyan tree is resistant to air pollution and loves light, so it should be placed in the brightest place possible in the living room or in the house.


Betel nut - for those of you who love to cook



Monstera means tolerance and sophistication, which is the most suitable plant to place in the kitchen space. Because of its ability to remove odors and carbon monoxide produced when cooking, it acts as an indoor air purifier. If you put the plant near the refrigerator or next to the gas stove, cooking will become more pleasant. Another advantage of the betel nut tree is that it can be grown in many different ways when it comes to interior decoration. Plants can be grown and hung in the air in an open space or can be grown hydroponically. When hanging plants on TVs or computer monitors, it not only helps create atmosphere, but also absorbs electromagnetic waves. I advise you not to hesitate to use betel nut to decorate the living room and clean the air in the house. Effective as an arrow hitting two targets.


Monstera - feels like being in Nordic cafes



Monstera, which is an interior planter that feels simple but fancy, is very popular. In particular, it is a favorite plant used as an interior decoration accessory for famous cafes recently. The holes in the leaves are like a gap, so it's even more attractive. It's both unique and minimalist, so it's very suitable for neat and tidy interiors. If the overall interior is white, it will stand out even more. Not only that, if you take out a few stems with roots and plant it in a glass bottle, it can create another wonderful sensation. If you want to decorate your own trendy space like a coffee shop, choose Monstera.


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