Misconceptions about the outer petals of roses, they do not wilt

Misconceptions about the outer petals of roses, they do not wilt


The rose has withered


Roses have external petals that are slightly different from fresh petals. Many people see this outer petal and misunderstand that they have been delivered with a wilted flower.



But it's not a wilted flower


The outer petals of the rose exist to protect the flower from when it was still a flower bud. 

It has a very important role in protecting the beautiful and fresh inner petals.



Besides, if I remove the outer petals, the flowers will bloom less beautifully or bloom faster, so I rarely remove the outer petals.

To see the beautiful flowers longer, you should not remove the outer petals!



Even fresh roses imported from the flower market have petals outside.



Tips for choosing fresh roses

  • Choose roses having the same color and size 
  • The thicker the stems of roses are, the fresher the roses are. 
  • Choose roses with petals outside


Instead of a clean-looking rose with all the outer petals removed, I prefer flowers that are just starting to bloom even though the outer petals look a bit messy.

Roses that have had their outer petals removed have a short life span and are prone to breakage.



Have you solved the misunderstanding about rose petals? If you give flowers to someone and the other side misunderstands that the outer petals have withered, then say: "It's not a wilted flower, This is a healthy flower."


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